Charity Short Course mit Ines

What to expect:
🔸24. Juni 20.20- 22.00: Concept (freestyle) 
🔸29. Juni 18.45-22.00: Storytelling & Tools for choreography
🔸06. Juli 20.20-22.00: Choreography (based on concept)


1.Crps- Netzwerk. A charity for CRPS- Patients. Crps is an relatively unknown illness (I also was diagnosed with) with immense neuropathic pain and very little possibilities to heal.

For more information tap here:

Or feel free to pn me

2. a 24 year old women, who is in a wheelchair since one year, with a very complex health story experiencing different forms of pain (immunological, neuropathic, hyperinflammation)

There is a minimum donation of 45€.
Half of the minimum donation will go to the charitys plus all of the money above the 45€.

The other half of the 45€ will be used to cover our costs.

In case you can’t all date write us and we will figure something out!